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Joint Mobility.


Available range of motion in a joint to move freely.


Opposite to joint stiffness.


E.g. Wearing high heels all day leads to tightness in the calves muscles causing poor ankle mobility due to absence of general ankle dorsiflexion.

Welcome to Elite Performance


Encompassing Physical Therapy and beyond, into the realm of Strength and Conditioning

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With biomechanic know how, we explore each individual's potential and push the boundaries of their current physical self via strength training


Integrating medical physiotherapy and strength coaching in a seamless manner.

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Our Fans

Gabriel, just wanted you to know I’ve enjoyed the past 5 workouts. I am surprised that with lower load, the intensity is so much higher. I feel the good aches. And I feel the after burn for 48 hours!

I just want to make injury free progress, hopefully with enough variety of exercises. It’s a long game, but I hope to do my 3x10 pull-ups and have a 6-pack at some point. Maybe get to 90kg but all increments in muscle.


Aspiring Weightlifter / Bodybuilder / Yoga practitioner

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Two years ago I was participating in one of your group fitness classes, jumped off a box and my life changed forever. I went from being a six day a week high intensity workout person to a wheelchair bound rehabilitation patient.  Slowly I went from wheelchair, to crutches to brace; making small but at least forward progress.  Then as soon as I got the green light from my surgeon I was back at Pure under the guidance of trainer Gabriel Chan.  He was in direct contact with my doctor's physical therapist and was very careful to follow her directions.  We tried going easy, we tried pushing through the pain, but the only consistent result we got were tears and frustration from me.  I went to a surgeon in the U.S. hoping for suggestions to kick start recovery.  However, the surgeon told me to " get used to a sedentary life".  He said I would never lunge, squat, or basically do any thing other than bike and swim ever again.

That was not acceptable to me. I underwent a second surgery, received more physical therapy and due to the lack of improvement I started suffering from depression. I was then diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which basically means; for no apparent reason my brain was not allowing my body to recover.  I remember walking over to Pure for my workout with Gabriel, feeling like I had hit an all time low.  Do you know how Gabriel responded to my news? He smiled and said, " wow, I've only read about that diagnosis in text books, I never thought I would actually get to work with a RSD patient!" He did not allow me to throw a pity party instead he jumped right in with strange new exercises and his ever present encouragement. 

I am now close to the two year anniversary of my accident.  I have been working out with Gabriel two/three days a week for a year and a half.  He has been incredible! He never gets frustrated, he is always smiling and cheering me on.  When an exercise hurts my knee he will immediately figure out a way to tweak the exercise so that we can continue with out fear of damage to the injury.  He used to hand me my towel so I could wipe away the tears as I continued to plow through but now my towel is only used for wiping my sweat.  I am lunging, squatting, and climbing stairs all under Gabriel's watchful eyes and it feels wonderful.  I may never run or jump again, but I will not spend the rest of my life sedentary nor will I suffer from depression. 

Gabriel is an incredible personal trainer.  He goes above and beyond to push, encourage and cheer me on. He has researched, modified and constantly shifted activities to accommodate my needs.  Pure is lucky to have an employee like Gabriel and he deserves any and all recognition you can give him.

Thank You,


Outdoor Adventurer & Conquerer of Mountains

Gabriel was my trainer when I was a fighting fit urbanite as well as a depressed post-accident handicap.

Both times, he challenged me to my fullest potential, especially post botched surgery, when I was mentally and physically dysfunctional, Gabriel didn't let me be defeated. Equipped with Physiotherapy knowledge, coupled with his enthusiasm for strength conditioning and creativity, he rehabilitated me to a level I thought impossible.


Gab is one of the best trainers out there. The only downside is that I can't live without him now!

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Avid Gym+Yoga Enthusiast / Daredevil Skier


Meet Gabriel:


My lifetime athletic mantra has never wavered since living in Asia. I don't care about being a size 2, I simply always want to be fit enough that if someone says "Hey Decker, we are going to go hike Mt. Kilimanjaro before we go parasailing into the beer festival, are you in?, I want to always be athletically fit enough on the fly to never hesitate with a resounding HELL YEAH! For the record, nobody has asked. But I'm waiting.


As many of you well know from your own experiences, a relationship with a trainer is a trusting, commuted, weakness exposing endeavor about physical strength and mental perseverance.


Gabriel is from Malaysia and has been my personal trainer since we moved to Singapore over a year ago. I felt lucky to find him for several reasons but mostly because he was not put off by my mantra (he says most girls just want to be indeed be a size 2, not necessarily fit). In my countless years of trusting a small handful of trainers with my athletic journey in addition to my ailments & injuries I have incurred on that journey.


Gabriel is the first trainer I have ever worked with who is actually a physiotherapist by trade. Practice does not make perfect....'perfect practice makes perfect" and Gabriel with his skill set have helped my mind body connection enhance my form all around. He is young and I am certain he will switch things up and do something else in his future, but I was glad he was here and part of my Singapore experience. out & be warned...the enhanced hand standing, skateboarding Sarah is coming back to Vegas! 


World Citizen, 1 Country at a Time

Dear Sir, 


I want to congratulate you and your entire division for your unrivaled efforts and hard work in the Rehabilitative Services Department of Sime Darby Medical Centre, Subang Jaya. Now that I am 12 weeks post ACL and Meniscus surgery, its time to give credit where it's due. 


One other staff that truly stands out is Mr Gabriel Chan. His explanations and instructions are straightforward and easy to understand. Even the graphics from his mobile phone add to the message and helps with clarity. 


I admire his ingenuity and creativity. He had gone the extra mile to explain the entire anatomy of the knee and how certain workouts and the correct mechanics work for the recovering ACL. He had taken the initiative to create the agility ladder with ropes and binding them together with a lighter. This is very useful for my "fast feet" workout. Your department did not have this and he made one. Outstanding ! 


His vast knowledge in his scope of work, his enthusiasm, dedication and ability to motivate his fellow colleagues is highly impressive and shows his love for what he does and does well. 


If you have an award to give, Gabriel Chan would be the key contender. 


Please accept my sincerest gratitude for the superior job your staffs are doing in your service department. 


Yours sincerely, 



Badminton aficionado, Mother to 2 beautiful Kids

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